Health Kaur

Care, when and where you need it

At Health Kaur we provide a bespoke service that delivers quality health care at a time and place to suit your needs. Having a clinic in the workplace provides quick and convenient appointments. Those patients who are acutely unwell benefit from the immediate service but more importantly, those suffering chronic conditions no longer have to put up with inconvenient appointments, providing ongoing personal health maintenance.

For employers, this service offers an opportunity to invest in your greatest asset — your employees. Ensuring their health and wellbeing will not only provide a happier workforce but avoid unnecessary absenteeism attending GP appointments.

Working as a GP in the NHS for the past 20 yrs has provided me with a thorough understanding of the difficulties facing national health care: More often than not appointments are only released on the day, which could result in the patient — your employee — losing an entire day of work. We provide regular clinics, able to react to the need of your employees when they need it.

Heath Kaur provides personal healthcare when and where you need it.